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What is the cost for a specific training course.

This information can be found in the registration section of the website.  You can learn more by clicking below.

When should I arrive?

We recommend arriving no later than 1700 on the day prior to the start of training.  All of our trainings start promptly at 0900,  We always encourage those attending to be well rested to get the most out of the training offered.  We ask that you if you are registered for an specific training that you be present at the schedule start time so that there is no disruption to others attending due to late arrivals. 

What is the uniform of the day?

For Funeral Operations School 

Department polo, khaki or station cargo pants and duty boots OR Class-B shirt, uniform pants, and dress shoes.  We want those attending this training to be comfortable.  

For Honor Guard Clinic

We train as we work.  That said, we require those attending to wear the uniform that they would wear to a event or funeral.  Most often this is the Class-A or a special honor guard uniform.  If you have questions on this please send us an email.

Can my family come to Miller Park for presentation of colors?

Yes.  Family is welcome to attend the presentation of the colors at Miller Park.  

You can purchase additional tickets (for your family) in our section direct though us at face value.  2020 prices are $15.00 per ticket.  

For security reasons family will not be allowed in the South loading dock, tunnel, grounds area, or on the field during practice or presentation of colors.  They will need to take their ticket and go directly into the stadium. 

Due to limited space family will not be allowed to ride on the bus.  They will need to secure their own transportation to and from the game and are responsible for the cost of parking at the stadium.

Concealed Carry

Please see our section on concealed carry by clicking the button below.

Can my family come with me to training?

Unfortunately,  No.  Training is not open the general public and is held in a secure government building.

Family is welcome to attend the Brewer's game at Miller Park where our class presents the colors.  Also, significant others (over 21 years of age) are welcome to attend the Saturday evening departure dinner (at an additional cost of $30) This event is by reservation only and is voluntary as there is a out of pocket cost to the attendee of $30.

Note:  Honor Guard Clinics & Schools does not have any activities scheduled during the training for family and is not able to provide transportation around the city to family.  If you plan to bring your family, please have transportation squared away and have some activities for them do while you are at training.