Additional Information

As all our attendee's are members of the emergency services community we understand that carry of weapons (specifically, concealed firearms) are often part of daily life.   

Milwaukee Honor Guard Clinic and Funeral Operations School are held at the City of Milwaukee Safety Academy (home to the Milwaukee Police & Fire Departments) as this is a city building carry of weapons is heavily regulated.   

Sworn law enforcement officer are permitted to carry their service weapon while in uniform or in plain clothes with badge clearly displayed.  Long guns that are used as part of Honor Guard Operations are permitted as well.

Non-Law Enforcement personnel are not permitted to carry firearms while attending any our events.   If you are non-law enforcement and are planning to bring a concealed carry firearm with you, please have a plan on how and where you will secure that weapon during training.  

During the presentation of the colors at Miller Park sworn law enforcement in their honor guard uniform will be permitted to carry their service weapon and a long gun.  Once presentation is complete we will provide a safe and secure location to secure your weapon as they will not be permitted into the stadium.  

If you have questions regarding carry or concealed carry please feel free to reach out to us via our contact us page.